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Testimonials: Testimonials

I thought that I was an organized, "everything in its place" kind of person until I hired Spaced Out.  I have never been more excited to move around my kitchen.  Spaced Out increased my counter top space, organized my cabinet and drawer contents and created a "real" pantry making all items in it, easily accessible.  My pots and pans (and their lids) are at my fingertips without the need to stack and unstack.  Thanks to Spaced Out's smart planning, I now enjoy the ease of a sliding rack that eliminates my reaching into the back of a deep cabinet to grab a serving bowl.

Working full-time with a busy home life, leaves little time to find a balance.  Spaced Out's creator, Maria, sat with me reviewing her plan and worked her magic over the course of a few hours.  Her philosophy of keep, donate or purge items, served as my conscience so that others would benefit from the contents of my kitchen that were rarely used and not needed.  If you're thinking of organizing a space in your home or office, don't think twice.  Get Spaced Out.

Anna G.

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